This is endo symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria is recommended for sugarcane crop. This was described as predominant nitrogen fixing organism in the root environment of sugarcane. This bacterium abundantly present in the xylem sap of sugarcane stem, leaf, leaf sheath and root tissues. It increases sugarcane yield and also increases the sucrose content in the sugar cane. It improves resistance ability of crop towards drought & diseases. It improves fertility, productivity, of soil and better uptake of applied plant nutrients from soil.

Recommended crops: Sugarcane.

Dosage : Seed sett treatment: 2 kg of Phshobacter and 2kg of Gluconacetobacter mixed in 20 lit of water and prepare slurry. Then dip the cuttings (setts) in slurry for 15 min and then plant as usual practice.

Soil application : 15kg of Phsophobacter and 15kg of Nitrogenfixer mixed along with compost or Vermicompost in 1:10 ratio to apply the material equally in a Hector.