Mycorrhiza forms symbiotic association with the roots of the plants and multiply in the internal parts of the root. Inside the root it forms special structure called vesicles and arbuscules so it is termed as Vesicular Arbuscualr Mycorrhiza.

VAM helps in the development of extensive root system and absorbs more water and minerals from surrounding area adjacent to the plants. These spores help in further multiplication in roots of the plants.

VAM mobilizes the phosphates from the root system of the plant with the help of Vesicule and Arbuscules. VAM stimulate the uptake of Zinc, Copper, Sulfur, Iron and Potassium. It also helps in the absorption of more water from the surrounding area and overcome the water scarcity in drought condition. This also releases phyto hormones and these helps in plant growth and increases the disease resistance.

Recommended crops: All Nursery and Horticulture plants, trees (ike Mango, Coconut, Banana, Orange, Oil palm, Lemon, Coco, Cashew, Guava, Grapes etc.

Dosages: Dosages are varies to different plants.

For Nursery beds -10 grams of VAM is recommended along with compost and Biofertilizers like Phosphobacter and Azospirillum to each plant.

For Higher plants – 200 grams of VAM along with equal ratio of compost and Biofertilizer to each plant.

Precautions : 1. Biofertilizers must be stored in cool and shady places. 2. Biofertilizer must be used before the expiry date given on the packet. 3. We must maintain one week gap between the application of Biofertilizer and Chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 4. Don’t mix Biofertilizer with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizer.