Krishna pseudo 0.5% w.p. is an eco-friendly biological fungicide containing Pseudomonas Fluorescens and effective against wide variety of seed & soil borne plant pathogenic fungi. It is found to increase the germination percentage, enhanced the growth of Rice, Chilli seedling, Banana, Tomato, Chick pea, Black gram, Sesamum, Groundnut and Sugarcane crops!

Recommendations: It can be used to control Bacterial leaf blight/sheath blight in Rice, Damping off in chilli seedlings, panama wilt in Banana, wilt in Tomato, chickpea, Seedling rot, Dry rot in Black gram, Root rot in Sesamum, Late leaf spot rust in Ground nut, Red rot, damping off in sugarcane.

Dosage : 3-5 kg per Hector.

Drenching: Mix 1kg of Pseudo in 100 Itrs of water and drench the root zone-

Seed Treatment: Take 50 gr of Pseudo mix with water and make it slurry then apply 1 kg of seed.

Seedling Treatment: Take 200 gr of Pseudo mix with 20 Itrs of water and soak the seedlings for 5 minutes then apply.

Soil Application: Mix 2kg of Pseudo in 200kg of FYM/Vermicompost and mix thoroughly and apply to soil-

Precautions : 1. Biopesticides must be stored in cool and shady places. 2. Biopesticides must be used before the expiry date given on the packet. 3. We must maintain one week gap between the application of Biopesticides and Chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 4. Don’t mix Biopesticides with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizer.