Krishna Tricho 1.0% w.p. is an eco-friendly Biofungicide containing Trichoderma viride spores and effective against controlling wide variety of seed and soil borne diseases caused by plant pathogenic fungi.

 Recommendations: It control the root rot disease in Pulses {Cowpea, Mungbean, Uradbean), Damping off in Chilli seedlings, Wilt in cowpea, Root rot in Sesamum and Root rot in Pigeon pea.

Dosage: 3-5 kg per Hector.

Drenching: Mix 1kg of Tricho in 100 Itrs of water then drench the root zone.

Seed Treatment: Take 50 gr of Tricho mix with water and make it slurry then apply 1 kg of seed.

Seedling Treatment: Take 200 gr of Trichoderma mix with 20 Itrs of water and soak the seedlings for 5 minutes then apply.

Soil Application: Mix 2kg of Trichoderma in 200kg of FYM / Vermicompost and mix thoroughly and apply to soil.